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Proto Design Labs is investing in model railroading with an intent to make digital products that simplify track infrastructure while modelers add detail and realism to their layouts. Self-contained turnout control is our first step in this journey. Turnouts can be problematic when planning a layout where decisions have to be made about manual versus remote control, DC vs DCC systemwide operation, decoder power and actuator wiring and relating remote switching to physical layout routing. We intend to address these issues with intelligently conceived controls and user interfaces where you are most likely to want them. Several products and extensions to products are far along as our design process works to deliver and evolve items for the marketplace.


In the meantime, please accept our offering of track plans for HO and N scale for Kato Unitrack layouts. While the plans are from Kato, we decided to make the listings more user-friendly through sorting them by longest dimension and accounting for the number and size of turnouts, crossovers and power feed points. These metrics are intended to help you judge track plan feature complexity by size and turnout count. Enjoy!

Proto Design Labs logo
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