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N4R Accessory Decoder For N-scale, Kato #4 turnout (Right)

N4R Accessory Decoder For N-scale, Kato #4 turnout (Right)

N4L and N4R accessory decoders are uniquely made to fit inside specific Kato Unitrack® turnouts in order to minimize the work required to install them.  PDL spends extra time engineering these decoders to conform to available space, electrical connections and mechanical attach points for ease of installation.  In this way, they perform a "disappearing act" whereby they carry out their function to listen for and respond to DCC commands on the rails while their presence is unknown.  N4L and N4R make Kato N scale #4 turnouts ready for your "Digital Railroad" with minimal installation effort and maximum convenience of no external boards or wires to "complicate your layout presentation," whether temporary or permanent.


  • N4L & N4R Decoders make Kato N-Scale #4 Turnouts "DCC READY"
    • N4L upgrades Kato Model 20-220 #4 Left Turnout to DCC
    • N4R upgrades Kato Model 20-221 #4 Right Turnout to DCC
  • Fully "enclosed in roadbed" DCC accessory decoder solution
  • No external wire connections to complicate layout setup and teardown
  • Like mobile decoder install but easier, customized fit
  • Just 2 wires to solder!
  • Simple instructions with expressive photos and text descriptions
  • External pins to change decoder address (1 – 2044)
  • No CV programming required but available on the main track to:
    • Customize the strength of the switch machine coil drive
    • Compensate for reversed switch machine coil wiring during install without disassembly
    • NEW! Change the accessory address over the full range from 1 – 2044

    Works with – Kato N scale #4 Turnouts (N4L for Kato #20-220 left turnout, N4R for Kato #20-221 right turnout)


    PDL provides a one year warranty against manufacturing defects and will repair or replace this product at its discretion.


    Ships via UPS, FEDEX, USPS & GlobalPost

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