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H6R Accessory Decoder for HO scale, Kato #6 turnout (Right)

H6R Accessory Decoder for HO scale, Kato #6 turnout (Right)

H6L and H6R accessory decoders are made to fit inside Kato HO # 6 Unitrack® turnouts with integrated features and plug-n-play addons unlike any other accessory decoder on the market. These self-contained decoders give model railroaders the benefit of no external wiring while enjoying new capability like trackside connections for modular signals and local switch functions. What could be more complete for a roadbed-integrated accessory decoder! H6 continues the PDL tradition of getting DCC signals from inside specific turnouts they are designed for allowing clean, wiring-free operation in layouts whether permanent or temporary.


  • H6L & H6R make Kato HO Scale #6 turnouts self-contained and DCC-Enabled
    • H6L upgrades Kato Model 2-860 #6 Left Turnout
    • H6R upgrades Kato Model 2-861 #6 Right Turnout
  • No external wires to complicate fixed or temporary layouts.
  • Will not short with unaligned locomotive entry at frog end of turnout.
  • Easy install - unsolder 2 wires, swap board, resolder 2 wires.
  • Built-in trackside interface for variable intensity signals and local switch connections.
  • Simple instructions with large photos and detailed text descriptions for completeness
  • Incudes External pins to change decoder address (1 – 2044)
  • Adjust and validate settings (Configuration Variables aka CVs) via Main Track programming and Service mode.
  • Configuration Variables List:
    • CV1: LSB - Least Significant Byte part of accessory decoder address – program from 1 to 255.
    • CV2: Local switch Enable / Disable.
    • CV3: Customize the strength of the switch machine coil drive.
    • CV4: Compensate for reversed switch machine command polarity.
    • CV5: Straight path signal intensity from 0 to 255 for LED signals.
    • CV6: Curved path signal intensity from 0 to 255 for LED signals.
    • CV7: PDL version number.
    • CV8: Manufacturer ID.
    • CV9: MSB - most significant byte part) of accessory decoder address.
    • CV29:  Accessory decoder configuration.
    • CV33: Accessory address adjustment for certain command stations

    Works with – Kato HO scale #6 Turnouts (H6R for Kato #2-861 right turnout)


    PDL provides a one year warranty against manufacturing defects and will repair or replace this product at its discretion.


    Ships via UPS, FEDEX, USPS & GlobalPost

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